Wednesday 1/21- first day of semester
Hand out syllabus
1:1 worksheet and solutions- Rational vs. Irrational Numbers
PowerPoint Presentation

Thursday 1/22- Review rational vs. irrational numbers
1:2 worksheet and solutions- Simplifying Radicals
PowerPoint Presentation

Monday 1/26
Finish 1:2 worksheet- Imaginary Numbers, Complex Numbers, Operations with Complex Numbers
Review simplifying radicals, complex numbers
1:3 worksheet- Begin Factoring Quadratics when a = 1 and a is not equal to 1.

Tuesday 1/27
Finish 1:3 worksheet- factoring quadratics
Continue 1:3 worksheet and solutions
1:4 worksheet- Solve Quadratics by Complete the Square and Quadratic Formula
Video lesson
Complete the Square Video lesson
Other complete the square video lesson

Wednesday 1/28
Continue 1:4 worksheet and solutions
Quiz- solving quadratics by factoring, rational vs. irrational, operations with complex numbers, simplifying radicals
Castle Learning Assignment in 915 computer lab and information survey form

Thursday 1/29- Unit 1A Review
1:5 worksheet and solutions
//PowerPoint Presentation//

Friday 1/30- Unit 1A Test
1:6 worksheet and solutions- Review worksheet on solving linear equations, solving radical equations, and solving systems of equations

Monday 2/2
1:7 worksheet and solutions
How to solve radical equations video and another video
Tuesday 2/3
1:8 worksheet and solutions

Wednesday 2/4
1:9 worksheet and solutions

Thursday 2/5
1:10 worksheet and solutions

Friday 2/6- Unit 1B Test
Test will cover radical and rational equations and parabolas (vertex, focus, directrix)