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Unit 1

Thursday, 1/23

Diagnostic Test

Friday, 1/24

Review factoring
Factoring Quadratic Expressions

Monday, 1/27

Finish factoring practice from Friday (Factoring Quadratic Expressions worksheet)

Introduction to Polynomials- Operations with polynomials

Multiplying Polynomials PPT
Polynomial Application Problems worksheet
Polynomial Applications- Perimeter,Circumference, Area, Surface Area, Volume Word Problems worksheet
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Extra Practice Worksheets (optional)
Naming Polynomials
Basic Polynomial Operations
Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
Multiplying Polynomials
Multiplying Special Case Polynomials

Tuesday, 1/28

Steps to Simplify Rational Expressions:
  1. Factor (look for the GCF first, then look if you can factor the quadratic)
  2. Find the excluded values (set denominator equal to zero, and solve for the variable) remember, the degree of the denominator tells you how many excluded values you should have.
  3. Simplify the expression by dividing out (cancelling out) any common terms found in both the numerator and denominator.Rational Expressions worksheet

Wednesday, 1/29
Snow Day! See you Thursday!

Thursday, 1/30

Snow Day! See you Friday!

Friday, 1/31
Dividing Polynomials Using Long Division PPT and Synthetic Division PPT

Dividing Polynomials worksheet

Monday, 2/3

Remainder and Factor Theorem PPT
The Remainder Theorem worksheet

Word Wall Rubric and Terms- due Monday 2/3

Tuesday, 2/4

More on Factors, Zeros, and Dividing worksheet

Wednesday, 2/5

Domain and Range of Polynomials
Making Rough Graphs of Polynomials and Multiplicity:End behavior and multiplicity when graphing polynomial functions PPT

Graphing Polynomial Functions: Basic Shape worksheet
Graphing Polynomial Functions worksheet

Thursday, 2/6

Quiz- operations with polynomials, synthetic division, long division

The Binomial Theorem PPT
The Binomial Theorem worksheet
Polynomials Review worksheet and answers

Friday, 2/7

Turn in HW from this week. It will include all worksheets from Monday 2/3-Thursday 2/6. Make sure you are self-assessing your work from the answers provided above.

Unit 1 worksheet
Unit 1 answers

Monday, 2/10

Simplify Rational Expressions PowerPoint
Kuta Worksheet w/answers

Tuesday, 2/11

Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions PowerPoint
Kuta Worksheet w/answers

Wednesday, 2/12

Snow Day!

Thursday, 2/13
Snow Day!

Friday, 2/14

Snow Day!

Monday, 2/17

Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions PowerPoint
Kuta Worksheet w/answers

Tuesday, 2/18

Solving Rational Expressions PowerPoint
Kuta Worksheet w/answers

Wednesday, 2/19

Unit 1 Review Answers (front, back)

Thursday, 2/20

Unit 1A Test
Includes the following topics:
  • Simplifying Rational Expressions (Khan Academy Videos and Practice)
  • Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions (Khan Academy Videos and Practice)
  • Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions (Khan Academy Videos and Practice)
  • Solving Rational Expressions (Khan Academy Videos and Practice)
  • Synthetic Division of Polynomials (Khan Academy Videos) Video- Why Synthetic Division Works
  • Long Division of Polynomials (Khan Academy Videos and Practice)
  • Remainder Theorem (Khan Academy Videos and Practice)
  • Binomial Theorem (Khan Academy Videos and Practice)

Monday, 2/24

Factoring Sum/Difference of Cubes PowerPoint,
Khan Academy Videos
Factoring A Sum/Difference of Cubes Kuta worksheet

Factoring by Grouping PowerPoint
Factoring by Grouping Kuta worksheet

Tuesday, 2/25

Day 2 of Factoring Sum/Difference of Cubes and Factoring by Grouping
HW worksheet, due Monday 3/3

Wednesday, 2/26

Solving Quadratic Equations- using factoring, the quadratic formula, completing the square, and square roots
Solving Quadratics worksheet due Monday 3/3

Thursday, 2/27

Quiz- factoring cubics (sum/difference and by grouping)

Friday, 2/28

Worksheet on rational expressions, binomial theorem, and polynomials.

Monday, 3/3

Graphing Polynomial Functions PowerPoint and Solving Polynomial Functions PowerPoint
Graphing Polynomial Functions worksheet and Solving Polynomial Equations worksheet due Friday 3/7

Tuesday, 3/4

ACT Test- Juniors will be taking this test
Using the Quadratic Formula worksheet and Remainder Theorem worksheet

Wednesday, 3/5

Solving Polynomial Functions Day 2- simplifying radicals and imaginary solutions introduction
Solving Polynomials worksheet due Friday 3/7
Simplifying Radicals worksheet and Irrational and Imaginary Roots Theorem worksheet

Thursday, 3/6

Unit 1B Review worksheet

Friday, 3/7

Unit 1B Test