Monday 3/10


Reviewed mean, median, and mode
Introduced standard deviation with formula

Tuesday 3/11

Explained what standard deviation is more in depth and did more application problems
Completed worksheet from Monday

Wednesday 3/12

Arc length and area of a sector PowerPoint
Arc Length and Area of a Sector Kuta Worksheet (only do problems with degrees)
Arc Length and Area of a Sector applications worksheets

Thursday 3/13

Normal Distribution PowerPoint
Classwork- p. 737-738 #11-18, 20

Friday 3/14- Pi Day!

Area of a Sector and Arc Length Pi Day activity worksheet

Monday 3/17

Standard Deviation worksheet and Sampling Method worksheet
Review vocabulary on statistics. Quiz on Wednesday

Tuesday 3/18

Stats Review with matching vocabulary worksheet

Wednesday 3/19

Unit 2 Review worksheet

Thursday 3/20

Unit 2 Test

Friday 3/21

Circle Activity and Midterm Review