Week of 10/13- Statistics

Thursday 10/16- Mean, median, mode, standard deviation

Friday 10/17-
Midterm Review worksheet

Old Material

Introduced Logarithms and Inverse Functions during midterm week last week

Introduction to Logarithms PPT

Monday 3/31

Log Properties: Product and Quotient
Logarithmic Properties worksheet due Wednesday

Tuesday 4/1

www.castlelearning.com assignment

Wednesday 4/2

Expand and Contract Logs using Properties (adding Power Property)
Properties of Logs worksheet

Inverse Function- switch x and y, solve for y using inverse operations
Inverse Functions worksheet

Thursday 4/3

Unit 3 Review with answers

Friday 4/4

Unit 3 Test- Exponentials, Logarithms, and Inverse Functions

Unit 3 Note

Flip Chart

10-21 Properties of Logs Discovery worksheet
Word Document
10-21 worksheet (scroll down to pages 3 and 4 for answers)