Monday, 4/7

Conic Sections- Circles and Parabolas worksheet

Tuesday, 4/8 assignment 30 questions, 10 point assignment

Wednesday, 4/9

Graphing and Properties of Parabolas worksheet
Key Terms:
  • Vertex, axis of symmetry, max/min values, latus rectum, intercepts

Thursday, 4/10

Graphing and Properties of Circles worksheet

Friday, 4/11

Quiz on Parabolas and Circles

Flatland movie in-class worksheet and extra-credit worksheet

Happy Spring Break!

Monday, 4/21

Transformations of Parabolas and Square Root, Absolute Value, Cubic, Exponential, and Logarithmic Functions

Tuesday, 4/22

More work with transformation of functions worksheet
Review Parabolas and Circles worksheet, done as class work on board.
Parabola Notes

Unit 4 Review with answers

Wednesday, 4/23

Quiz on Transformation of Functions

Transformations of functions in function notation worksheet
Domain and Range of functions worksheet
In class notes and practice

Thursday, 4/24

Unit 4 Test Review

Friday, 4/25

Unit 4 Test- Transformations of functions; domain and range of functions; parabolas (including vertex, focus, directrix, y = x2 and x = y2); and circles (including center, radius, converting forms)

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10-9 PowerPoint: Relations, Functions, Domain, and Range

10-9 Worksheet

10-10 PowerPoint: